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Riding Requirements & Restrictions

• Max / minimum rider weight: 275 pound max rider weight.

• Age requirements:  This Bike is not intended for use by minors or children.  Any such use of the Bike should not be counter to the instructions herein and should be under constant parent supervision, after the systems of the Bike and the electric motor, acceleration, and braking have been clearly explained.

• Abilities – Using this product requires basic abilities and understanding of riding a bike and using motorized vehicles.  Such skills can be learned with this product, but care should be taken.  It is recommended that any user know how to ride a bicycle before riding an M2S Bikes electric bike.

• Medical limitations – Do not use if you have an existing medical condition, injury, or other limitation which could affect your ability to ride a bike, balance, or otherwise participate in an active activity or endanger your health and safety.

•  This bike should be able to be used almost anywhere a regular bike can be, but users should be aware of any local rules and regulations against motorized transportation.  If they have questions they should check with local authorities before riding to confirm their understanding.

• Weather –  Your bike is designed to be water resistant to rain and snow. It is not designed to be subjected to prolonged heavy rainfall or subjected to the increased water pressure that occurs when transporting a bike on a car or truck during rain or snow. Please protect your display from rain when transporting by car or truck.

• When riding on roads and streets, always follow all traffic laws for bicycles, including speed limits, unless otherwise advised by local authorities.  

• Transporting Bike: it is important to check bike rack weight restrictions prior to transporting using a traditional bike rack. Weight limits on bike racks are often not compatible with the heavier weight of electric bicycles. As a result, special electric bike racks are often required to safely transport your electric bike. Please follow all instructions on your bike rack for safe transport of your bike.

• Safety Equipment and Gear: User should always wear a helmet when riding a bike, including on city surfaces in traffic or trails.  In addition to a helmet, user should wear clothing appropriate and, in preparation for, the weather.  When riding in urban settings, particularly at night, user should wear bright and/or reflective clothing to increase visibility to drivers.