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Riding Instructions

• Check the Bike before every use to make sure the bike and components, including, but not limited to, that wheels are secure, brakes work, and the frame is solid, to confirm they are in working order.
• Check battery level before every use to confirm it is charged

General Components and use:

•  Handlebars and component controls:
• On the right side of the Handlebars are the Rear Brake Lever, gear shifter & bell.
• On the left side of the Handlebars is the Front Brake Lever, thumb throttle (only on select models) & control panel.

• Acceleration: The Bike can be accelerated via regular pedal motion and some models can also be operated via electric motor by pressing the Throttle Lever.  

• Braking: It is recommended that the Rear Brake is the primary brake used, with the Front Brake being a secondary and support brake.  Rider should not depress Front Brake Lever only or at high speeds, as an accident and serious injury could occur. The brakes on your electric bike include automatic motor cut off, which means the motor power will be shut off when the brake levers are depressed.

• Body Position: First, you should have a bike in the size that correctly matches and is appropriate to your body size (primarily by height).  When riding general body position is to have the seat at a height where you can fully reach the pedals, but not were your legs are cramped, and, when leaning forward, you can reach and control the handlebars, including steering of the bike.  When climbing you may lean forward a bit and when descending, standup a little bit from the pedals, move your body weight backwards a bit, and get stronger control of the handlebar through your hands, arms, and shoulders.  

• Speed and Abilities: As you ride more you may become more comfortable with the bike at higher speeds and over challenging terrain.  Please ride within your limits. You agree not to hold M2S Bikes liable for any injuries incurred due to riding above and beyond your limits and terrain abilities and speed.