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Service and Maintenance

• Whenever you service or clean the bike, be sure to first remove the battery from the bike.

• The bike should be checked and looked over before every ride to make sure all parts are functioning properly and after every ride to make sure that nothing happened to the bike during the ride that resulted in damage.

• Keeping the chain, shifter, and gear cassette properly lubricated will help efficient use and prolonged life of your bike.

• Check bolts regularly to ensure they are tight and all components secure.  In particular, when riding in demanding conditions check Crank Bolts, as they are subject to more force that any other bolt.

• Regularly check brake pads.  The provided Tektro Pads should be replaced if that have:
•Been contaminated;
•Less than .8 millimeter width of material remaining;
•Cracks or deformation.

• For maintenance, such as replacing brake pads, or other services, it is recommended that the bike is taken to and worked on by a qualified mechanic professional at your local bike shop.  

• If the bike is worked on at your local shop, please make sure they have M2S Bikes’ contact information, should they have any questions.

• It is recommended that your bike is rinsed and dried after use, so that it is not stored wet or dirty.  For cleaning, the bike can be wiped down with dry or damp clothing, including some soap and water.  Special care should be taken around electronics during cleaning.  DO NOT use pressurized water for cleaning the bike.

• If the bike is stored wet and/or dirty, and continually used as so, it can result in rust and shorten the length of use of the bike and components.