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Why we do it

Reason one

We love cycling and the freedom that it brings. As avid cyclists who enjoy riding everything from city streets to singletrack to open roads on a wide range of bikes, we appreciate the experiences that bikes are able to deliver.

Reason two

By adding an electric motor to the bike we’re able to offer all of the fun of cycling without the barriers to entry that are often presented. Whether the hills are too tough, the temps are too high or the time it takes to make the commute is too long on a normal bike, we believe that the electric bike has the power to break down those barriers and make cycling enjoyable for everyone.

Reason three

Our electric bikes can help get you out of your car and out into your community enjoying the vibrancy of life that happens all around us. Too often we find ourselves walled off from the world either in our office, our homes or our cars. Thanks to our bikes, getting out and exploring your neighborhood is not only easy, it truly is enjoyable. We invite you to try one of our bikes for yourself. We guarantee you’ll love it.

What journalists say

Recent press coverage of M2S Bikes

“Enter the M2S All-Go, a new lightweight ebike that also looks good while packing enough features to make you think twice about taking that car out of your garage for commuting on a fair day.”

Florin Tibu


“This is a powerful and durable all terrain electric bike. As we can see… the ebike shows off a stylish, sport styled design, and its high-quality aluminum alloy frame delivers a lightweight, rugged construction along with sleek modern aesthetics.”