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General Terms & Conditions

Before we get started, please carefully read the following information. If you understand and accept these conditions and warnings select the appropriate option below.

• Read all instructions and warnings prior to use!  If you do not understand or have questions about any instructions in this manual and with respect to the bike, please contact us at [email protected].

• Please provide this manual to the local bike mechanic as needed for any such work on the bike.

• This bike is intended to be used as described on the product page for the respective model.  It is intended to be used as a bicycle and not intended for interstate, atv, offroad, or other use not intended for a bicycle of this model.  This bike is not intended to be used as a replacement or substitute for a motorcycle.  This bike is not intended to used for jumps, drops, or extreme riding and/or terrain.  Any of the above such non-intended use, and other forms not listed herein, may void the warranty with the product and could subject the rider to serious harm, injury, and/or death.

• Before riding, please learn about your local electric bike regulations, including speed limits, surfaces and areas allowed, and ensure to meet your local requirements when riding. We recommend learning more about rules & regulations at People For Bikes (link)

• The bike is not meant to be towed behind vehicle or any other product or system, motorized or not

• M2S Bikes are designed to limit speed at 25 mph when using electric assist or motor power only. Users assume all responsibility and liability for any use of the bike either with electric assistance or under rider’s own power beyond 25 mph. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the maximum speed of the bike meets all local rules and regulations. Changing the top speed of the bike is not recommended.

• Only use with one rider at a time

• Riding bikes is dangerous and this activity can lead to serious injury and even death

• User assumes all risk with respect to use of the bike

• Check the bike and all related products before each use to confirm properly assembled and in good working order

• Check  the bike and all related products after a crash to see if it is still safe to operate or needs to be repaired or replaced

• If the bike and all related parts are not in operable condition or you think there is something wrong with the product do not use.  If there is something wrong with the product that cannot be fixed, then please contact M2S Bikes.

• M2S Bikes accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or damage resulting from improper use of any of our bikes or accessories by rider/user.  Further, M2S Bikes accepts no liability due to incorrect use instructions provided by bike owner to other users.