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Your M2S electric bike is powered by a removable Lithium-Ion battery pack. All of our bikes come standard with a 48 volt 2 amp charger that plugs directly into your standard 3-prong wall outlet.

To charge your battery, first plug the charger into the battery’s charge port and then the wall outlet. 

You will notice the charger’s LED light turn from green to red and indicate that your battery is charging.

Once the battery has fully charged the LED light will turn from red to green- at this time you will want to disconnect  the charger from the wall first, and then from your battery second. Leaving the charger and battery connected for extended periods of time may lead to premature battery cell degradation. 

Lithium-Ion batteries are also affected by temperature. Storing your battery in unheated spaces, like a garage or basement, over the winter can also cause premature cell degradation. You should not store or charge your battery in areas below 50 degrees fahrenheit.  You will notice some performance loss and shorter range capability when riding with a Lithium-Ion battery in near-or-below freezing temperatures; the battery will warm itself while in use. 

At the other extreme, excessive heat can be just as damaging to your battery pack. You do not want to store or charge your battery in temperatures near or above 80 degrees fahrenheit. Do not leave your battery in your car, shed, direct sunlight, or anywhere similar where temperatures may be excessively high.

Ideally, Lithium-ion batteries should be stored and charged indoors at room temperatures, around 70 degrees with about 40-80% charge to achieve the greatest possible lifespan.