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The air suspension of your new M2s electric bike is an adjustable, “one-size fits most” product.

In order to set up your M2S suspension properly, you will need a bicycle specific shock pump, which is a High-pressure, Low-volume style pump. This product can be purchased from m2sbikes.com or from your local bikes shop. DO NOT USE AN AIR COMPRESSOR WHEN ADDING AIR TO YOUR SUSPENSION COMPONENTS.

Begin by sliding the orange o-ring down to the seal of your lower fork legs, and opening the compression damper fully clockwise. With your full riding kit on, gently sit on your bike in a neutral position, without putting additional weight on the front end of your bike. Dismount carefully without further compressing your fork, then measure how far up the stanchion the o-ring has traveled. You are aiming to land that o-ring somewhere around 1” up from the seal.

Once your air pressure and sag are set, you can use the compression damper to fine tune your suspension feel; turning that dial fully clockwise will open your damper and provide a softer ride feel, turning the dial fully counter-clockwise will close the damper for the firmest ride feel. Your fork will not completely lock out and there will still be some suspension movement. If you choose to ride with your suspension near or fully closed, it is not recommended to use the bike off-road, over rough terrain or similar conditions as this will accelerate the wear and potentially cause damage to your fork’s damper.

The process to set sag for your rear shock is similar, you will use the o-ring on the shock and your body weight to set 15mm of sag. You can use a open ended box wrench to measure 15mm. To add air to the rear shock, you will have to unbolt the top of the shock from the frame to get clearance for the shock pump. A good starting point for pressure is 60% of your body weight. For coil-sprung rear shocks,tightening or loosening the spring will only affect a small amount of sag on your bike. It is recommended to tighten the collar until the coil is held firmly, then no more than two full turns after. Coil-sprung rear suspension models have very minor adjustment, and should you need to reduce or add sag, an aftermarket spring will need to be installed. Contact [email protected] and our staff will be happy to assist you with available options.