Our rear electric bike includes front and rear lights that can be quickly installed to provide better visibility when riding. In this video we’ll show you how to install the lights and power them on.

The front light attaches to the fork on your bike and is hard-wired to the battery to provide power from the bike’s battery and also allow operation from the handlebar mounted controls. Once you’ve bolted the light onto the fork, you’ll need to carefully attach the wires by hooking the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal. You can power on the light by turning on the power to the bike and then pressing and holding the Plus button for two seconds.

To install the rear light, remove the small plastic clip from beneath the seat by pressing up on the release while pushing the clip toward the back of the seat.

Remove the small plastic strip from the light and press the light into place beneath the seat. To turn on the power, simply press the light. There are two modes, constant power and flashing. To replace the battery on this light, use a flat head screwdriver to access the battery.

While these lights are ideal for helping increase visibility while riding during daylight hours, if you plan on riding at night you should plan on investing in proper night time riding lights.

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