The XC Sport R500 and Dual Sport R500 utilize a Landian Display unit that features both pedal assist and throttle mode operation. Please see the operational instructions below. These settings can be adjusted with the bike powered on at a full stop.

  • To power on the light on the R500 series, press and hold the + button for two seconds.
  • To initiate “walk assist mode,” which will propel the bike at 2 mph to assist in walking up steep hills, press and hold the – button for two seconds.
  • To enter the menu and adjust the mph / kmh setting, change top speed and set the auto shutoff time duration, press and hold + & – for two seconds simultaneously. You can advance through the three menu screens by pressing the power button and adjust each screen with + & – buttons.
  • To reset the trip odometer, press and hold the power button and – button at the same time for two seconds.


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