In the description section of all of our bikes you’ll find an estimated range for the bike. We try and provide the most realistic range possible for the bikes by using a formula to calculate battery size and motor output.

To calculate the range, we multiply the battery voltage by the amp hours of the battery to get total watt hours of the battery. For example, our XC Sport R500 model has a 48 volt battery 16 amp hour battery. The total watt hours of this battery is 768.

The XC Sport uses the Bafang 500 watt rear hub motor that has peak watt output of around 750 watts. What this means in a real world situation is that if you were to use the throttle only mode you would draw around 750 watts of power while riding. The end result is that you can travel at speeds of around 25 mph in this mode and could do this for around one hour before the battery would be depleted. As a result, you could expect a total range of 25 miles at top speed using throttle only mode on flat paved surfaces.

If you were to use a conservative setting in pedal assist mode you could expect to get a much longer range per charge. For example, on pedal assist level 3 you would be drawing around 300 watts of power and could easily travel at around 20 mph when pedaling. At this pedal assist level you would be able to use the bike for around two and a half hours before the battery was depleted, which would result in a total range of around 50 miles on flat paved surfaces.

As with any battery operated vehicle, the type of terrain and other conditions can greatly increase or decrease total range. If you live in a really hilly area and primarily ride off road, you should expect to get significantly shorter ride lengths. Ultimately it will be up to the rider to determine what a realistic range will be for them based on their weight, riding style and amount of pedaling they do during the ride. For situations when you are looking to take on longer rides, we recommend bringing along an extra battery.

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