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Finding the best tire pressure really comes down to the terrain you are riding and an individual’s riding preferences. We recommend running our tires between 10 and 30 PSI for our fat bikes and 20-35 psi for our Sport models. The final pressure settings you choose will be largely dependent on the type of riding you are doing.. Lower PSI is meant for rougher terrain like 4×4 roads whereas higher PSI is meant for firmer, harder terrain such as pavement or hard-pack gravel. Keep in mind that too low of pressure can create pinch flats or damage to the wheel rim if the tire bottoms out against the wheel rim. To accurately gauge your PSI you will need a bike floor pump with an attached pressure gauge that can accurately display how much air pressure your tire is holding. Think about your riding conditions and base your desired PSI on what will provide you the most comfortable riding conditions and adjust as needed.