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It is a good practice to have a pre-ride checklist that you go thru on a regular basis in order to ensure your bike is safe and riding in the best quality possible. Here are a few things we recommend checking prior to each ride.

Tire pressure
It is common to have your tires fluctuate in pressure over a relatively short period of time. Riders that are exposing the bike to high temperature or altitude changes will notice this more drastically than riders who live in a more controlled environment. However, we still recommend doing a simple air pressure check prior to going out to ensure optimum ride quality and prevent unnecessary flats.

Always give your brakes a good squeeze to ensure they are working in a safe and proper manner.

Chain Lube
It is a good practice to add lubricating your chain prior to heading out for a ride. A properly lubricated chain will ensure smoother shifting and a better overall lifetime of the drivetrain.

Battery level
These are electric bikes after all, and we want you to be able to get the most out of that system. We recommend checking your battery level prior to heading out to make sure you have the capacity to cover the trip you desire to make. Doing this prior to heading out should allow for you to plan accordingly.

Bolt check
A simple bolt check can go a long way as far as preventing the rider from the unsafe operation and the risk of damaging their bikes. The micro-vibrations the bike encounters while riding has been known to allow for some inevitable loosening of bolts. This is more prevalent on newer bikes during their initial break-in period however is a practice that goes a long way for proper bicycle care. Bikes that are damaged due to failure to address these issues are not covered under warranty.