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Paul Bunyan State Trail: Baxter, Minnesota

At 115 miles in length, this paved rail trail meanders its way through some of Minnesota’s most gorgeous views the state has to offer. This route features rolling hills with grades up to 8%, and lots of curves and varying terrain surrounding the path. Generally speaking it is the longest continuously paved bike trail in the United States and along the path there are some 21 fresh water lakes that make for an incredibly scenic ride. Whilst the most challenging of the stops in this edition of our ride destination blog, the Bunyan is a fantastic place to ride because of the sheer access available to the trail itself. Every 10-15 Miles there is water and parking that will allow users access to townships and downtown areas as well as local bars and restaurants making for great fun and easy all day adventuring with minimal planning needed. Just pick a parking lot and make sure your bike is charged and you can easily set off for an epic all day long adventure!