Installing Your Handlebars

Video Transcript: In this video I’m going to walk you through installing your handlebars. Remove the four bolts in the front faceplate. When installing your handlebars, make sure that they are centered and angled at your preferred level prior to your tightening them down. Once you have your handlebars in the correct position, you can put your faceplate back on, hand tightening the bolts to hold the bars in place before tightening the bolts with an allen wrench.

Keep watching the rest of the videos in the series to finish setting up your bike.    

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Riding Instructions

Riding Instructions • Check the Bike before every use to make sure the bike and components, including, but not limited to, that wheels are secure, brakes work, and the frame is solid, to confirm they are in working order. • Check battery level before every use to...

Riding Requirements & Restrictions

M2S Bikes Riding Requirements & Restrictions • Max / minimum rider weight: 275 pound max rider weight. • Age requirements:  This Bike is not intended for use by minors or children.  Any such use of the Bike should not be counter to the instructions herein and...

General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions Before we get started, please carefully read the following information. If you understand and accept these conditions and warnings select the appropriate option below. • Read all instructions and warnings prior to use!  If you do not...

Warnings & Waiver

Warnings & Waiver M2S Bikes accepts and retains no liability whatsoever for any damage – regardless of what type –  caused by riders/users of the Bike to others or others’ property.  M2S Bikes accepts and retains no liability for any damage or injury to any party...

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