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Great Allegheny Passage Trail- Pittsburg, PA

Spanning from Columbus Maryland to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and 150 miles in length the GAP trail is a perfect leisure or fitness ride destination for riders of all ages or skill levels. Whether you’re looking to ride with the whole family, with a group of friends or by yourself the pavement/mixed crushed limestone surface is for rides of varying lengths keeping things fun and interesting! Along this route, riders will be met with 9 separate tunnels and 21 different bridges, viaducts and wooden trestles that offer beautiful and scenic views of all of the many different river and waterway crossings. What makes the GAP trail so unique is along its route there are select free hiker-biker camping locations scattered amongst some fee and reservation based sites that allow for riders to in some cases stop for the evening and even charge their batteries! Thus extending their journeys and allowing for the full bikepacking experience even whilst riding an electric bike well outside if normal capabilities!