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The All Terrain R750 includes a full-color LCD display with a USB port. To power on the bike, press and hold the power button for two seconds. To adjust the pedal assist setting, you can press the positive or negative buttons to cycle through 9 levels of pedal assist. 

By default the display shows speed and the motors watt output on the large gauge. Below, you’ll see trip distance and total ride time; you can reset these by pressing the positive and negative buttons at the same time for two seconds.

At the top of the screen is a programmable clock as well as your remaining battery power. By pressing the power button you can change through various settings at the bottom of the screen to change the total odometer, view your max speed, as well as your average speed.

Your bike comes programmed to go 20ph by default. To adjust the speed settings you can enter the menu by pressing the power button twice very quickly. To learn more about classifications of our electric bikes, please view our classifications video. This menu allows for adjusting various settings that are preprogrammed at our warehouse. You shouldn’t need to change these, but you can if you’d like.

To access the speed settings, you’ll need to navigate to the advanced menu. To do so you’ll need to navigate to the menu labeled with an ellipsis. From there, you’ll be able to access the advanced menu. Next, you’ll need to enter the password 1919. You can adjust the speed higher or lower using the keypad. Additional features that can be changed include the option to limit the throttle to 6kmh, which is the default setting. You can also change various other settings in this menu; please be advised that by changing the settings at the top of the menu you can negatively impact the bike’s performance and cause your bike to stop working.

Finally, if you need to reset your display and settings to the way they were originally programmed, you can navigate to the factory settings label and reset the display.

For additional features please refer to your display guide manual.