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Your All Terrain ULTRA comes with a DPC-18 color display. You can power it on by pressing and holding the power button for 2 seconds.

The bike features pedal assist mode that can be turned up or down by using the plus(+) or minus(-) buttons. In total, there are 5 levels of pedal assist.

The default setting is for ECO mode; this provides a limited amount of torque on takeoff and helps conserve your battery life. To change to SPORT mode which delivers the full amount of torque, press and hold the plus(+) button for two seconds. As you can see, the bottom of the screen changes to red in color. To change back to ECO mode, press and hold the plus button again for two seconds.

You can turn on the light by pressing and holding the light button for two seconds. This dims the screen and turns on the front headlight.

To access additional settings, double-click the “i” information button. Here, you can view display settings and additional information. To access the display settings menu, press the “i” information button. Here you can change from imperial to metric, adjust the brightness of the display, change the auto-off setting, set the default mode from ECO to SPORT mode, change your power view to power or remaining battery and you can change your battery view to percentage or remaining voltage.

You can reset the trip counter by selecting ‘Trip Reset’ and changing this to “yes”; the trip counter has been reset.

You can adjust the wheel setting depending on the total diameter of your wheels by selecting the wheel setting. (The All Terrain ULTRA comes standard with 26”x4” fat wheels and is also compatible with 27.5”x3” plus wheels)

Speed limit can be adjusted up to 60mph. At speeds below 28mph the bike will use a limited amount of power and offer additional range than when set to higher speed limits. Keep in mind that setting your bike over 28mph is not road legal and should only be done when riding off-road in approved areas.

Additional features include the [display’s] sensitivity to light, a password setting, the clock, and then a return to the main menu.

In the information tab, you can find a list of your error codes, which can be useful if you’ve ever had an issue with your bike to help troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

Your All Terrain ULTRA features a USB port at the bottom of the screen and can be accessed by removing the rubber gasket.

This concludes the video guide on your ULTRA display. We hope you enjoy riding your new All Terrain ULTRA.