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The All Terrain FS is the perfect bike for anyone who wants to explore their world off the beaten path. Powered by a rear hub electric motor and a massive lithium ion battery, this bike lets you reach fast speeds on throttle or tap into the 8-speed gears to help climb hills. Coil shock suspension in the rear and air shock suspension fork up front help you navigate any obstacle, whether clambering through roots and rocks, navigating muddy jeep trails or enjoying a ride on a sandy beach. The massiveĀ 26×4.5 inch tires provide stability and traction no matter what the surface, so you can enjoy riding on a sandy beach or through a rocky trail. Please note the 2022/2023 All Terrain FS includes both an air sprung front suspension fork and air shock in the rear. The 2022 / 2023 model also includes a rear rack.