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Your full suspension bike includes an air suspension shock that needs to be adjusted to your weight for optimal performance before you ride.

To adjust the shock to your weight,  you need to use a shock pump made specifically for use on bike shocks as using other pumps can damage your shock.  These types of pumps are available at your local bike shop or can be ordered online.

Generally speaking, you want to start by adding 70 percent of your weight in PSI to the shock.  For example,  if you weigh 180 pounds you’ll want to start by adding 125 psi to your shock.

The next step is to test the sag on your shock by fully weighting your bike. You do this by sitting on your bike, not bouncing.  You will want to move the O ring on your shock to the top in order to measure the sag once weighted.

What you are looking for is the O ring to move between 15 and 30 percent down your shock after weighting it.  15 percent would be an ideal starting point for rides on technical off road terrain, while 30 percent is best for a softer ride. You’ll need to customize these settings based on your weight and riding style.

If you find your shock bottoms out when riding you’ll need to add pressure to prevent this from happening.

On our full suspension bikes with the Bafang Max motors you’ll notice the shock has two air chambers.  The lower chamber is the negative chamber designed to soften a hard bottom out of the shock after a big jump or drop. We recommend starting at 125 psi and adjusting as needed.

For the best performance,  we recommend taking your bike to a local bike shop and working with a bike fit specialist for a professional setup to give you the best riding experience.

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