Video Transcript: 

Your pedal assist electric bike includes an APT 800 intelligent display. In this video we’ll walk you through the various settings on this display.

To power on your bike,  press and hold the center power button for two seconds.   The default setting is for pedal assist level one.

You can adjust the pedal assist levels by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the control located by your left grip.

Riders can access various screens on the display when riding to view information on their ride by pressing the power button.  This information includes average speed,  maximum speed, the trip odometer, total odometer and trip duration.

You can reset the trip calculator at any time by pressing and holding the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for two seconds.

To activate the lights on your bike,  press and hold the plus button for two seconds,  which will turn on the backlight and any lights hard wired to your bike.

You can enable walk assist mode by pressing and holding the minus button until a P appears on screen.

For information on adcanced settings on this display,  please see our other videos.


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