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Congratulations on your new bike purchase!

We’re glad you decided to join the M2S Bikes crew! This owner’s guide for our bikes will help customers walk through the necessary steps to get their bike unboxed, assembled, set up and ready to head out on the first ride.

Before riding, please review our General Terms & Conditions, Requirements & Restrictions, Warnings & Waivers, and Warranty Requirements. Reviewing all of these items are necessary before riding the bike.

Recent Owner’s Guide Updates

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Riding Instructions

Riding Instructions • Check the Bike before every use to make sure the bike and components, including, but not limited to, that wheels are secure, brakes work, and the frame is solid, to confirm they are in working order. • Check battery level before every use to...

Riding Requirements & Restrictions

M2S Bikes Riding Requirements & Restrictions • Max / minimum rider weight: 275 pound max rider weight. • Age requirements:  This Bike is not intended for use by minors or children.  Any such use of the Bike should not be counter to the instructions herein and...

General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions Before we get started, please carefully read the following information. If you understand and accept these conditions and warnings select the appropriate option below. • Read all instructions and warnings prior to use!  If you do not...

Warnings & Waiver

Warnings & Waiver M2S Bikes accepts and retains no liability whatsoever for any damage – regardless of what type –  caused by riders/users of the Bike to others or others’ property.  M2S Bikes accepts and retains no liability for any damage or injury to any party...

Need Additional Support?

If you’ve looked through all of the information about your bike and can’t find an answer for your question, please email us by sending a detailed message of your problem that includes your bike type, time of purchase and any pertinent info on your questions or problems that can help us quickly resolve your issue for you. Send us a message by using our Support Contact Form.

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