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M2S Bikes | Carbon Fiber Electric Commuter Bike

We’re here to revolutionize what your daily commute looks and feels like. The days of limping into work sweaty and exhausted are done thanks to the raw power and lightweight efficiency of the new carbon fiber electric bike by M2S Bikes.

Get ready to experience cycling like you’ve never experienced it before. At just 33 pounds, this is a bike that is as light and agile as many bikes sold on the market without a motor or battery. The added advantage is that the 250 watt motor and long-lasting battery can give you the boost you need to fly up steep hills and charge through traffic to get to where you want to be faster and more efficiently than ever before. Join the revolution and pre-order your carbon fiber electric bike today.

For more information, visit the pre-order link at the top of the page and find out more information about our carbon fiber electric commuter bike at our Indiegogo campaign page, where you can place your order today.