Battery Maintenance and Care

• Battery Care and Charging: Recommend removing battery from bike when storing for long periods of time.  Store battery in a cool, dry area away from any moisture and water.  When storing battery, leave a charge of 50-75% remaining on the battery.  It is not recommended to store battery without charge.

• Cleaning the battery and battery housing should only be done while battery is disconnected and Bike powered off.  Do not use water to clean battery and battery housing.  Use a dry rag of, if needed, a slightly damp rag to clean battery and housing.  DO NOT spray housing or battery with high-pressured water as it can cause damage to and failure of electrical systems.

• Lithium-ion batteries are meant to be recharged with 20-30% of the charge remaining to prevent damage to the cells. The battery on your bike includes a built-in battery protection level that limits power output at 30 percent charge remaining. The result is that when the display shows empty your bike battery still has a protected level of battery life remaining to prevent damage to the battery. The bike can be safely operated to zero remaining charge on both the LCD display and the battery LED gauge without causing damage to the battery.

• Only charge battery with supplied charger, as use of other non-prescribed chargers can damage the electric components, causing failure of the system and increasing the possibility of fire or explosion.

• Charging the battery in a place with a smoke/fire alarm and on a non-flammable surface is recommended.  Do not store the charger or battery in a wet place or in direct sunlight.  Always keep battery and charger out of the reach and access of pets and children.

• If there appears to be an issue with the charger or battery, stop use immediately and contact either manufacturer or us at

• Please note that based on IATA regulations you are not allowed to ship Lithium batteries of such size by air.  Please consult a land or sea freight for transportation of the battery.