Your bike comes with an air suspension fork that can be adjusted to suit your weight and riding style.

On the top of your fork you’ll find a valve where you can add air pressure using a bike shock pump,  which is designed specifically for adding air to a bike shock. You should not use any other type of pump as this can damage the shock.

A good rule of thumb is to add psi equaling half the riders weight to the front fork. You can test this by riding and adjust as needed depending on your weight and riding style. It’s a good idea to never remove air from your shock during a ride unless you have your shock pump with you.

Your fork also features lock out and rebound adjustment. The lockout feature can be set to disable your shock, making your bike rigid.

The rebound adjustment controls how fast your shock returns after being compressed.

You can set these to your personal preference and adjust during your rides to find your ideal settings.

For the best riding experience,  we recommend taking your bike to a local bike shop for a professional suspension setup.

R500 Display Guide

R500 Display Guide

The XC Sport R500 and Dual Sport R500 utilize a Landian Display unit that features both pedal assist and throttle mode operation. Please see the operational instructions below. These settings can be adjusted with the bike powered on at a full stop. To power on the...

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